Day 2

What did we do today?
We held a discussion on what bacteria were present on our agar plates. We actually got quite confused, as we took very little notes. Luckily, we had the teaching assistants to help us understand. We got to watch videos on simple staining and Gram staining, the two staining methods. We also played around with a light microscope, and I managed to get pictures of several types of bacteria in 1000x magnification. We then presented our findings on the agar plates. We made one major error, which I am not too happy about, but I think it was a good learning experience.

What did we learn today?
We learnt about the agar types, and the different staining methods. We also learnt how to use a microscope properly.

How do I feel about today's activities?
I was happy that I got to play around with the microscope, and see how the bacteria looked like under magnification. I realised that yeast was so much bigger than bacteria! It was at least a hundred times bigger, and I realised how these small, insignificant organisms, when put together, make up the entire world. It was an eye opener!

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